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BabyZzz is committed to helping families with babies and toddlers get better sleep through
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Every family is unique.
Your BabyZzz Sleep Coach works with you to design a sleep plan that fits your family’s comfort level, and your child’s personality and temperament.

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Kim headshotKim Belrose
Certified Sleep Coach

Your Personal Certified Sleep Coach

abot-logo As a mother of 2 very energetic boys 20 months apart, Kim Belrose, BabyZzz owner and Certified Sleep Consultant appreciates what good, healthy sleep does for not only your children, but your marriage and family as a whole.

Kim attended Laurentian University and graduated with Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (B.P.H.E.) and a Concentration in Sport and Physical Education.  Kim is a Sports Administrator for youth soccer leagues, as well as a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute and lives in Everett, Ontario.

Ongoing Education & Certifications

  • Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute
  • Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants
  • Reducing the Rick of SIDS & SUID in Early Education & Child Care, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Basics of Lactation Management, Lactation Education Resources
  • The Incidence, Pathophysiology & Treatment of Gerd during Infancy, Warren Shapiro MD
  • Parent Coaching 101, Dr Sasha Carr, Licensed Psychologist
  • Sleep Consulting for Children with Special Needs, Debbie Sasson, PsyD
  • Child Behaviors & Communication, Sharyn Timmerman, ECE
  • Using Solid Ethical Practices, Family Sleep Institute
  • Health Literacy Series 2019, Family Sleep Institute
  • Perinatal Depression & Anxiety, Family Sleep Institute
  • New Approach to Teaching Sleep Training Methods, Family Sleep Institute

Kim’s BabyZzz Story

When my first son was born, he had been a terrible sleeperIMG_1804 from day one.  He was a very hungry/active boy as well.  Our lives were so busy, us both working full time and busy with sports at night, we trucked him around with us everywhere.  He was always sleeping on the go in his car seat or stroller.  It came to a point, around the 5-6 month mark, where he no longer would sleep as much on the go, and still did not sleep at all overnight, it was actually getting worse.  I could not function anymore, and you could tell it was affecting my little man.  A friend of a friend had worked with Jenn from BabyZzz and said I should give it a try.  Working with Jenn was amazing, my husband was also totally on board with the sleep coaching (team effort).  I took a week off work, took my son out of daycare, and all I did was concentrate fully on the customized sleep coaching plan.  BabyZzz’s custom designed plan totally worked and I saw huge results in 3-4 days!  It was life changing for our family and our “wee monster”.

Through the entire process I became sleep obsessed.  I started to get really interested in sleep coaching and sleep issues, as well as family schedules and different situations.  Every family is so unique.  The opportunity fell in my lap to take over BabyZzz and learn the ropes from Jenn, and the arrows pointed towards getting certified and adding it it to my business portfolio.  So here I am.

I’ve since had my second son and been able to implement what I’ve learned through my certificate on him from day one.  My second son had a bit of a rough start until about the 6-7 month mark.  My knowledge and experience made a huge difference to help him get the sleep he so needed to feel better.  I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of a well-rested, happy family.

I’m sleep obsessed and get excited to be able to use my experiences and education from the Family Sleep Institute to help children get the sleep they so desperately need for optimal growth, development and good health.  I’ve since realized my true passion for helping babies and toddlers get proper rest, and the difference I can make to exhausted families.

Based on sleep techniques from a number of leading paediatric sleep researchers, BabyZzz’s sleep solutions are custom designed for each family and totally work!