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Personal Confession

Personal Confession (please hold back judgement)….up until this past weekend, I tried to avoid taking my children to a sit down restaurant & even on a major shopping visit on my own or with my hubby. I’ve done this for over 2 years now. Just the thought of it made my anxiety blow up. My hubby would take them on his own & tell me how awesome they were & how […]

Celebrity Parents Magazine: Moms We Love: Jenn Kelner of BabyZzz

I was recently featured in Celebrity Parents Magazine! Read the full article here.


Welcome to my BabyZzz blog!  If you are unsure of who I am, check out this video.  
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In the Know: Jenn Kelner give tips on how to raise a healthy sleeper

Watch the Rogers TV segment here

5 Benefits to Using a Professional Child Sleep Consultant

Here are the top 5 reasons to work with a Certified Child Sleep Consultant: 1 in 4 babies and toddlers have some type of sleep issue and these issues do not always resolve themselves. You do not have to endure weeks, months or even years of sleep deprivation. With a Child Sleep Consultant, you can get your child’s sleep issues resolved quickly. Sleep is extremely important for the developing mind […]