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CTV News: Jenn Kelner gives tips for Daylight Saving Time troubles

Watch the CTV News segment here
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In the Know: Jenn Kelner give tips on how to raise a healthy sleeper

Watch the Rogers TV segment here

5 Benefits to Using a Professional Child Sleep Consultant

Here are the top 5 reasons to work with a Certified Child Sleep Consultant: 1 in 4 babies and toddlers have some type of sleep issue and these issues do not always resolve themselves. You do not have to endure weeks, months or even years of sleep deprivation. With a Child Sleep Consultant, you can get your child’s sleep issues resolved quickly. Sleep is extremely important for the developing mind […]

Creating the Ideal Bedroom for Sleep

Decorating the nursery or you child’s new bedroom is so exciting.  There are so many vibrant paint colours, cute wall hangings and soft bedding to choose from.  But picking the most beautiful bedroom décor isn’t necessarily the most conducive to sleep.  If you’re updating your child’s room, or preparing the nursery for a new baby, click here for 5 simple tips when creating the ideal bedroom for your child.

Samuel’s Sleep Journey Part 4: Life is Good.

This is the final part of Samuel’s sleep journey.  If you missed the third instalment you can read it here.  This post is written by Sarah and she updates us on Samuel’s sleep after implementing the sleep plan.  I helped her tired family become a well-rested happy family, and we wanted to document and share the journey with you. Life is Good, by Sarah. It has now been about 7 weeks since I […]