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Samuel’s Sleep Journey Part 1: Our Sweet Little Samuel

This guest post is written by Sarah and she talks about the sleep challenges she faced with her newborn son with colic, and her experience when his sleep went from bad to worse.  Now that Samuel is 4 months old, I’m helping her tired family become a well-rested happy family, and we wanted to document and share the journey with you.  This is part 1 of Samuel’s sleep journey. Baby Samuel Our […]

3 Tips to Help Your Child Bond With a Lovey

A lovey, or a transitional object, is a blankie, doll or stuffed toy that a child will attach themselves to.  It becomes their beloved companion, and will be dragged everywhere the child goes.  Lovies become an extension of the parents and they provide comfort when Mommy and Daddy aren’t right next to them.  Many children will begin to show interest in a lovey sometime after 6 months of age, and […]

6 Tips for Successfully Eliminating your Child’s Curtain Calls

If you are thinking about transitioning your child from their crib into a bed, read my post on how to ease the transition here.  If you have already made the transition and find yourself continuously entertaining your child’s requests like “just one more hug” or “I forgot to tell you just one more thing”, then follow these 6 tips for successfully eliminating your child’s curtain calls. 1. Use a Timer At the beginning of […]
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How I became a Child Sleep Consultant

Many people have asked me “so how does one become a Child Sleep Consultant?” It’s not your typical career path, but it’s one that I’m happy I followed.  I’m going to share my journey with you and maybe it will inspire you to find your passions as well. About a year ago, I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I liked my current job as a […]
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