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Create an Environment Conducive to Sleep

Here are some quick tips on how to create an environment conducive to sleep.
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5 Benefits to Using a Professional Child Sleep Consultant

Here are the top 5 reasons to work with a Certified Child Sleep Consultant: 1 in 4 babies and toddlers have some type of sleep issue and these issues do not always resolve themselves. You do not have to endure weeks, months or even years of sleep deprivation. With a Child Sleep Consultant, you can get your child’s sleep issues resolved quickly. Sleep is extremely important for the developing mind […]

4 Reasons to Include Sleep With Your New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we all resolve to better our lives: eat healthier foods, exercise more, quit smoking, volunteer…the list goes on. But what about sleep? Study after study shows that sleep is so important and many of us aren’t getting the recommended 7-9 hours a night. And it’s not just the adults – many children aren’t getting enough sleep either. Here are 4 reasons to include […]
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Speech Therapy and Bedtime Routines

This is a guest post from Martina Di Gioacchino, B.A. (H.), M.CL.SC., S-LP(C), a Speech Pathologist at Nexa Speech. Martina strives to help clients resolve their communication difficulties, which may be a result of foreign accents, stuttering, speech and language disorders, brain injuries, or other disorders. Her goal is to improve her clients’ communication skills in both business and social settings, so that they may experience a significant boost of confidence in their professional […]
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8 Relevant Sleep Questions Answered by Sleep Experts

I was recently featured in a survey of sleep consultants & experts on eight specific questions regarding sleep. The questions included reasons for sleep deprivation, what not to eat before sleep, when one should stop drinking coffee, the effect of a full moon, wearing socks to bed, and a few other topics. The sleep experts had varying backgrounds, which resulted in rather interesting answers and results, including a chart in […]
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