Guest Posts post on a Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep breaks out some great info on all you need to know about healthy sleep for your children from babies all the way to teenagers.  Check in out here:

Sleep Guide for Pregnancy- By

Check out this great post at with a guide to getting better sleep during pregnancy.  Gosh knows you need all the sleep you can get when growing a human inside of you.  You want to be as well rested as possible before your newborn comes along, as the newborn stage can be one of the most tiring.  Not to mention, you want to be well rested for labour and […]

Saving for Your Child’s Education and Building Your Portfolio: It’s Okay to “Double-Dip”

Today we have a guest post from Mohamad Sawwaf, Division Director and Financial Consultant from Investors Group Financial Services.  Mohamad is a Certified Financial Planner who is devoted to helping clients realize both their short and long-term financial goals through comprehensive planning.  Mohamad can be contacted at 416-483-7667 or Help secure your family’s future As a parent, you have to be a terrific juggler. You juggle time to complete all the tasks and chores that fill your day. You […]

Speech Therapy and Bedtime Routines

This is a guest post from Martina Di Gioacchino, B.A. (H.), M.CL.SC., S-LP(C), a Speech Pathologist at Nexa Speech. Martina strives to help clients resolve their communication difficulties, which may be a result of foreign accents, stuttering, speech and language disorders, brain injuries, or other disorders. Her goal is to improve her clients’ communication skills in both business and social settings, so that they may experience a significant boost of confidence in their professional […]
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8 Relevant Sleep Questions Answered by Sleep Experts

I was recently featured in a survey of sleep consultants & experts on eight specific questions regarding sleep. The questions included reasons for sleep deprivation, what not to eat before sleep, when one should stop drinking coffee, the effect of a full moon, wearing socks to bed, and a few other topics. The sleep experts had varying backgrounds, which resulted in rather interesting answers and results, including a chart in […]
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