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5 Reasons Why Healthy Sleep is Important for Your Children

Is your child getting enough sleep?  If you missed my previous post, check out this baby and toddler sleep chart for a good average of how much sleep your child should be getting based on their age.  Children need a lot more sleep than adults do, so it’s important to respect their need for sleep and make sure you are providing them with enough opportunity to get those much needed zzz’s. So how […]
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5 Tips for Creating a Great Bedtime Routine

Children love routines. They love doing the same little rituals every day. My daughter’s morning routine involves waking us up at 7am (on the dot!), climbing into our bed for a cuddle, and then climbing into her little brothers’ cribs to play. Our Saturday routine in the summer involves taking our daughter to the Soccer4U program with the Aurora Youth Soccer Club, then heading off to the Aurora Farmer’s Market for some sweets. Like children […]
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5 Common Child Sleep Myths

There is lots of information going around about child sleep, and not all of it is true. Here are 5 common child sleep myths that can be put to rest. 1. Some babies sleep straight through the night All babies wake multiple times a night, but you would never know if they can put themselves back to sleep unassisted.  We all wake very briefly between sleep cycles, but we often don’t remember […]

Everett’s Sleep Journey: Improving my 3 Month Old’s Daytime Sleep

This is another guest post written by Vidya where she talks about the sleep challenges she faces with her newborn son who was born 8 weeks prematurely.  If you missed the first post of Everett’s Sleep Journey, read it here. Everett is now 4 months old and generally, a very happy baby. He is only ever fussy if we keep him awake for too long (more than 1.5-2 hours) or when […]
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Tips on How to Remove the Nursing-to-Sleep Association

Many parents struggle with getting their babies to fall asleep on their own.  They find themselves swinging, rocking, bouncing, driving, or nursing their babies to sleep. Once their baby has finally fallen asleep, they attempt to gingerly lay their little one down in their crib only to have them suddenly wake up, forcing the parents to start the process all over again.  These methods of getting their little one to […]
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