Newborn Sleep

Starting Early: Helping my Newborn Sleep Well

To help make this blog a little more personal, a friend of mine suggested I ask friends and the families I work with to tell their story about their child’s sleep struggles.  This guest post is written by Vidya and she talks about the sleep challenges she faces with her newborn son who was born 8 weeks prematurely.  I hope you enjoy the first installment of Everett’s Sleep Journey.   Baby Everett Everett’s Sleep […]
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5 Essential Components of Your Child’s Sleep Environment

When I was expecting my first child, I wanted her room to look just like the magazine photos – beautiful hand carved crib, coordinated crib sheet set with bumper pads and quilt, matching mobile, lamp and draperies, and cute stuffed toys and decorative wall coverings for her to look at. Little did I know that many of these things are not conducive to sleep, let alone safe. If you are decorating a new nursery, […]
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3 Reasons Why a Consistent Sleeping Place is Important for Great Sleep

Whether you have an infant who has just started smiling, a baby who has trouble falling asleep, or a toddler who still wakes up a few times a night, they will all benefit from napping or sleeping in a consistent sleeping place. So what exactly is a consistent sleeping place? It could be their crib or bed in their room, a bassinet in your room, or a playpen at nap time. Regardless of where […]
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