Spooky Sleep Tips for Halloween

Halloween can be a very exciting time for our little ones, with all the excitement, anticipation, fun, costumes, decorations, but don’t forget the CANDY.. all the CANDY!!!  It can also throw the bedtime routine off track and push bedtimes super late.  We of course want our little ones to still have fun and enjoy Halloween, but once trick or treating is done we want them to be able to get […]

Fall Back! 4 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to the End of DST on November 4, 2018

On Sunday November 4th at 2am, Daylight Saving Time ends and the clocks turn back one hour.  This used to be a bonus when you could take advantage of that extra hour, but now as a parent of young children, it’s just one more thing you have to navigate. Fantastic!When the clock turns back one hour, what used to be 7:00am is now 6:00am.  It’s lighter earlier in the morning […] post on a Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep breaks out some great info on all you need to know about healthy sleep for your children from babies all the way to teenagers.  Check in out here:

Is Your Child Going to School This Fall? Here Are Some Healthy Sleep Tips to Help Them Get Ready

If you had a relaxed schedule this summer, the looming early start time for school might be a challenge.  Late nights and lazy mornings will make it difficult for your child to suddenly wake up early and make it to school on time.  If you are wondering how to help your child get back into healthy sleep habits so that they can be ready on their first day of school, read […]
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