In the Know: Jenn Kelner give tips on how to raise a healthy sleeper

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The Huffington Post: How To Avoid Having Your Baby Wake Up At The Crack Of Dawn As Daylight Saving Time Ends

I was recently quoted on Huffington Post in their article on how to avoid having your baby wake up at the crack of dawn this Sunday.  There are some great tips in this article so check it out here!
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I was recently quoted in an article on The Stir. By Judy Dutton, October 15, 2014 Every toddler, sooner or later, stops taking naps … and this transition, while necessary and normal, can be a tough one for kids (and moms!) to muddle through. Late afternoon meltdowns ensue; frazzled parents wonder whether their overtired kid will make it until bedtime … or drift off at 5 p.m., which means they’ll be up all night. Yet in […]
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Mom.Me: 8 Things to Consider When Pregnant With Multiples

As a mom of twins with a total of four kids, Melissa Perry Moraja knows firsthand that having twins is more tiring than having a singleton. Moraja, a North Carolina-based children’s author and illustrator, found that she slept more and ate more when pregnant with multiples. The weight gain was taxing as well, she says. “I was a 125-pound person who couldn’t even fit into my husband’s extra large clothes […]
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680 CJOB Radio – Interview with Hal Anderson on Dealing With the Time Change

On Sunday March 9th at 2am, Daylight Saving Time begins and the clocks turn ahead one hour. This means that it becomes darker in the morning temporarily and lighter in the evenings. Children who have good sleep hygiene and are generally easy going when it comes to schedules may adjust fairly easily in just a day or two. Other children who are more sensitive to change in schedules may have […]
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