School post on a Parent’s Guide to Healthy Sleep breaks out some great info on all you need to know about healthy sleep for your children from babies all the way to teenagers.  Check in out here:

Sleep Techniques for Dropping the Last Nap: Is Your Child Ready to go From One Nap to No Naps?

Is your child starting to resist their afternoon nap? Maybe your child is having trouble staying asleep at nap or your child is starting to resist bedtime.  Are they ready to make the transition? Click here to find out the signs that your child is ready to transition from one nap to no nap.

5 Back to School Sleep Tips

The summer is almost over and soon our kids will be heading back to school. Here is a video with 5 back to school sleep tips to help you get them back on a good routine and schedule before that first day of school.

5 Back to School Sleep Tips – How to Get Your Child Back on Track

School is just around the corner, which means relaxed summer time schedules are coming to an end.  Here are 5 Back to School sleep tips to get your child back into a good sleep routine and schedule for school. Ensure They Are Getting the Proper Amount of Sleep Sleep is so important for developing mind and body of a child and the amount of sleep they get impacts their growth, learning and […]
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Saving for Your Child’s Education and Building Your Portfolio: It’s Okay to “Double-Dip”

Today we have a guest post from Mohamad Sawwaf, Division Director and Financial Consultant from Investors Group Financial Services.  Mohamad is a Certified Financial Planner who is devoted to helping clients realize both their short and long-term financial goals through comprehensive planning.  Mohamad can be contacted at 416-483-7667 or Help secure your family’s future As a parent, you have to be a terrific juggler. You juggle time to complete all the tasks and chores that fill your day. You […]