Tips to Help Your Early Morning Riser Wake Later in the Morning

Do you have an early morning riser? Here are some quick tips to help them sleep in a little bit later.
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Saving for Your Child’s Education and Building Your Portfolio: It’s Okay to “Double-Dip”

Today we have a guest post from Mohamad Sawwaf, Division Director and Financial Consultant from Investors Group Financial Services.  Mohamad is a Certified Financial Planner who is devoted to helping clients realize both their short and long-term financial goals through comprehensive planning.  Mohamad can be contacted at 416-483-7667 or Mohamad.Sawwaf@investorsgroup.com. Help secure your family’s future As a parent, you have to be a terrific juggler. You juggle time to complete all the tasks and chores that fill your day. You […]

WJBF.com: Daylight Saving Time Sleep Tips

I was recently featured in an article about Daylight Saving Time sleep tips on WJBF.com.  The 5 sleep tips to help your child adjust are: 1. Prepare in advance by moving their schedule ahead in increments. 2. Make sure their room is really dark. 3. Don’t rush in at the crack of dawn. 4. Expose them to plenty of sunlight on Sunday morning 5. Earlier bedtime to catch up. Check out this link for the full […]
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