• Having a difficult time getting your child to sleep?
  • Want your children to have healthier sleep habits?
  • Wondering why your child still doesn’t sleep through the night?

We can help you!

BabyZzz is committed to helping families with babies and toddlers get better sleep through customized sleep solutions and support.

What is a Child Sleep Consultant?

Every family is unique.

Your BabyZzz Child Sleep Consultant works with you to design a sleep plan that fits your family’s comfort level, and your child’s personality and temperament. Your Personal Consultant guides you through your individual sleep plan and enables you to teach your children healthy sleep habits and self-soothing skills.

You get help with many other sleep and bedtime issues too:

  • Sleeping through the night
  • Baby sleep training
  • Scheduling
  • Poor napping
  • Nap transitioning
  • Getting out of bed
  • Bedtime battles
  • Night fears and terrors
  • Transitioning from crib to bed
  • Early morning risers

“Amazing – no more books, she did all the work for me!”

When your child sleeps well, your whole family sleeps well

And when your family sleeps well, they enjoy a happier, healthier home life.

  • Increased attention span
  • Enhanced mental alertness
  • More relaxed
  • Optimal wakefulness
  • Better memory
  • Fewer behavioral issues
  • Stronger immune system
  • Happier mood
  • Sharper concentration
  • Less irritable and frustrated
  • Higher quality awake time with your child
  • More & better quality time with your spouse
  • Improved growth, learning and development

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