March Break is almost here!  If you’re travelling this March Break, you may be wondering how you can make your holiday as smooth and enjoyable as possible, while ensuring your child stays well-rested.  Here are 5 tips to help your child sleep well while on holiday next week.

Cute Baby Boy On Vacations1. Make sure they are well-rested before you leave

A well-rested child will adapt to changes in their routine and schedule better than an overtired child, so try to establish a good routine and resolve any sleep issues before you go.  This will make it easier to go with the flow and have a happier time away.

2. Bring along their familiar things

Make sure you pack your child’s favourite blankie, pacifier or stuffed toy as these things are a must when travelling away from home.  Also bring your child’s sheets, blankets and sleep sack with you if possible.  Their familiar smell and feel will help calm your child in a strange environment. If your child is used to using a white noise machine, make sure to bring it along. By bringing the items they know and love, you’ll help them relax, fall asleep faster and sleep better in a unfamiliar place.

3. Ensure their sleep environment is conducive to sleep

If you don’t normally share a room with your child, try not to when you’re away from home.  Get a hotel suite instead of a single room, hang a sheet as a room divider, or use a walk-in closet as a temporary nursery.  If your child is unable to see you, they won’t be looking for middle of the night stimulation. Bring along some garbage bags and painter’s tape in case there is lots of light coming through the curtains. If the room is louder than usual, find a white noise app on your phone to help drown out any noise.

4. Follow their usual routine and schedule

Try to make your travel plans around your child’s normal sleep schedule if possible. Allow your child to nap when they usually nap, and maintain your usual nap time and bedtime routine, as this will be comforting to your child even if a strange place. If you need to nap on the go, use a SnoozeShade or block the light coming through the car window. If you follow your usual schedule and routine, your children are less likely to lose sleep and become cranky and overtired.

5. Be ready with a plan for when you get home

Your child’s sleep may be a little “off” if there were changes to your child’s sleep environment, schedule and routine while away.  Have a plan to get your child back on their usual schedule and routine the minute you walk through your front door.  If your child missed some sleep, plan for an earlier bedtime to help them catch up.  The sooner you get them well-rested and back to their regular routine, the sooner they will get back into their good sleep habits.

Even the most organized people can’t plan for everything so try to relax and just go with the flow!  While we all try to do the best we can, sometimes its a case of just enjoying your time away, doing what you need to do in that situation and adjusting things when you return.