Spooky Sleep Tips for Halloween

Halloween can be a very exciting time for our little ones, with all the excitement, anticipation, fun, costumes, decorations, but don’t forget the CANDY.. all the CANDY!!!  It can also throw the bedtime routine off track and push bedtimes super late.  We of course want our little ones to still have fun and enjoy Halloween, but once trick or treating is done we want them to be able to get […]

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Sensory play: the benefits and tips for getting started

Today we have a guest post from the Rebecca at Rebecca Michi – Parenting Consultant, with a post on the benefits of sensory play and how to get started.  Rebecca can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@RebeccaMichi) and you can read her blog here.

Babies start to use their senses before they are even born, as they listen to the sounds of the outside world around them. Studies have shown that unborn […]

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