Just a little update on the BabyZzz front.  As many of you know BabyZzz welcomed Kimberly Lewis, a recent grad from the Family Sleep Institute to our team earlier this year.  Kimberly has fit in super well and been helping serve many of our clients, since the beginning of the year along side myself (Kim Belrose).

It’s the year of many changes and it’s with great sadness that I let you know as of May 1st, I (Kim Belrose) will no longer be with BabyZzz.  It’s truly been such a pleasure supporting all my clients for the past 3.5 years.  I’ve also loved catching up and seeing all the amazing BabyZzz grads grow.  Thank you so much for trusting me during such a crazy time in your lives, bringing me into your families, and into a very intimate part of yours and your child’s lives.  I will miss the amazing chats and messages back and forth.  I will miss seeing such huge progress made by the grads in such short periods of time.  As I write this I am tearing up, because BabyZzz has been such a huge part of my life well before 3.5 years ago, when I hired BabyZzz services for my now 5 year old way back when.  A big thank you to Jenn Kelner as well for her support in transitioning me into BabyZzz.  And thank you to each and every one of the families I’ve worked with over the years. 

I know you will all be in good hands with Kimberly Lewis and she will continue to give the best care and super as well through BabyZzz moving forward. 

With Love,