Whether you have an infant who has just started smiling, a baby who has trouble falling asleep, or a toddler who still wakes up a few times a night, they will all benefit from napping or sleeping in a consistent sleeping place. So what exactly is a consistent sleeping place? It could be their crib or bed in their room, a bassinet in your room, or a playpen at naptime. Regardless of where they sleep, the key is to keep it consistent. Jenn Kelner, a Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant and owner of BabyZzz, helps tired families with infants, babies and toddlers become well rested families through customized sleep solutions and support.

Here are Jenn’s 3 reasons why a consistent sleeping place will help your child go to sleep easier, and get better quality sleep.

1. It becomes a positive sleep cue
If you use their crib or playpen as their consistent sleeping place, your child will begin to associate that location with sleep. As they get used to sleeping there all the time, falling asleep will become easier and require less assistance from you. If you’ve been used to rocking, swinging or driving your child around to help them fall asleep, using a consistent sleeping place like their crib will eliminate the need to provide those sleep props. Think about all the extra time you’ll have!

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