This guest post is written by Sarah and she talks about the sleep challenges she faced with her newborn son with colic, and her experience when his sleep went from bad to worse.  Now that Samuel is 4 months old, I’m helping her tired family become a well-rested happy family, and we wanted to document and share the journey with you.  This is part 1 of Samuel’s sleep journey.

Samuel Morden 3

Baby Samuel

Our Sweet Little Samuel, by Sarah

Our little guy had arrived safe and sound. Samuel was born March 13th happy and healthy. We felt so blessed to have two healthy boys – we were elated. The joy of bringing Sam home and being a family of four was wonderful. I felt calm, confident and comfortable in motherhood, after all this was my second time around. I had also decided very early on that we were going to work with Sam to form some healthy sleep habits. Our first son wasn’t a great sleeper but when I look back I realize there were some simple things I could have done to help him learn to sleep better. I even read a few books prior to having Sam. I was so prepared!

That is until about two weeks in when sweet little Sam began to cry – all the time! Eventually we brought him to the doctor as I thought surely something must be wrong. The doctor said he was colic – my worst fear had come true, and on top of that had acid reflux for which he had to be medicated for. The next couple weeks/months were a blur. My husband and I did everything we could to stop the crying. There were endless hours of bouncing, walking, singing and shhhh’ing. The minute we would put him down he would wake up screaming. He was constantly upset and tense with his little fists balled up all the time. It was heartbreaking. The swing (our go to with our first son), the car and the stroller only made him more upset. The only thing he wanted was to be held. Needless to say my plans to create some healthy sleep habits went straight out the door as we did whatever we we could to stop the crying.

This, of course, led to some very bad sleep habits and an extremely sleep deprived Mommy and baby. I have learned that sleep deprivation affects all areas of your life. It was affecting my mood, personality, health, marriage and worst of all it was affecting my ability to be a good mom (gulp…that’s hard to even say now). I kept saying, “I can’t do this for much longer”, however the days
turned into weeks and soon we reached his three month milestone. The colic was gradually getting better and Sam had many more content periods – we could finally put him down for a few minutes at a time, and he was starting to smile and coo, which was a wonderful thing to hear. We were so thankful that we were nearing the end of this trying journey.

Even though the colic had subsided, sleep was no better and I continued to get more and more sleep deprived. In fact, the sleep issues started to get worse and Sam would get so beside himself some days he wouldn’t sleep at all. I could see both him and I reaching a breaking point soon, as we were so exhausted. That point came on a Thursday night at 2:30 am. I still hadn’t been able to settle Sam. He was so upset; arching his back, scratching, flailing and screaming for hours at a time. I wondered if we had gone back to the colic or was his acid reflux acting up again? I asked all these questions but I knew deep down the reason for this was pure and simple – lack of sleep. That morning at 2:30 am I decided we needed to do something as I couldn’t do this for one more minute. The next morning I sent an email to Jenn at BabyZzz titled, “Please help….”.

Stay tuned to find out how things progress with Samuel’s sleep!

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