This is the final part of Samuel’s sleep journey.  If you missed the third instalment you can read it here.  This post is written by Sarah and she updates us on Samuel’s sleep after implementing the sleep plan.  I helped her tired family become a well-rested happy family, and we wanted to document and share the journey with you.

Life is Good, by Sarah.


It has now been about 7 weeks since I first contacted Jenn at BabyZzz regarding Samuel’s sleep. Our life has completely changed and some days I even wonder if this is the same baby that I came home from the hospital with. Although Sam has done really well over the past two months, as with anything involving children it is not always straight forward and we did experience a few setbacks. This didn’t surprise me as Jenn had told us very early on that we would likely see a few setbacks along the way. This was one of the things I appreciated most about Jenn’s services. She prepared me for the up’s and down’s as well as supported me during a few of these set back’s.

To give you an example, shortly after Sam began to fall into a good routine (and after my last blog), we were planning a week at a cottage with good friends of ours. I was extremely anxious, and I worried that the change in environment would throw Sam off his routine. I also worried that if Sam woke up crying I wouldn’t be able to let him cry for long, without waking everyone else up. Needless to say I was extremely anxious and worried that we would fall back into old patterns and habits. My husband and I even considered cancelling the cottage and our week away. I almost wonder if Sam picked up on some of my anxiety as the week before we left for the cottage things started to regress. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t go back to completely sleepless nights and pacing the hallway for hours at a time, but he wasn’t settling quite as well, and would cry for slightly longer periods in order to settle himself. I was starting to feel discouraged and this made me even more anxious for the week away. I voiced my concerns to Jenn and not only did she encourage us to go, she also helped me create a plan for the week away. Looking back I can’t believe we were going to cancel a week at a beautiful cottage with great friends, but I was so scared of going back to where we were a few weeks prior. Jenn’s advice, as usual, worked well. One of the best pieces of advice she gave me was to relax and have fun! She gave me some do’s and don’ts and off we went. I got up with Sam and fed him more often over this week, but we did not fall back into old habits.  And we had a great time!

When we got back from the cottage, Jenn followed up again to see how everything went. At that point we reviewed our plan for moving forward, as I needed to wean Sam off some of the night feedings, which had become fairly frequent again. Within two days, we were back on track. Sam is only getting up once through the night to feed, and he is napping extremely well. I am sure there will continue to be up’s and down’s with everything from teething, colds and future trips, but I now feel I have the knowledge and confidence to move through these with much more ease.

Over the weeks I have been able to watch Sam and learn what he needs regarding his sleep. I have learned a lot about his sleep cues, and the importance of sleep. In my opinion, sleep is such an important and undervalued part of our children’s overall health and well-being. As I have said before, our family will be forever grateful for Jenn’s services. I now have the energy to play with dinosaurs and cars all day long, go for endless walks to the park, run through freezing cold sprinklers, and laugh endlessly with my two beautiful children. I would absolutely encourage any parent who is not getting enough sleep to give Jenn a call. Sleep is such an important part of all our lives, and it has made all the difference in this family.