Halloween can be a very exciting time for our little ones, with all the excitement, anticipation, fun, costumes, decorations, but don’t forget the CANDY.. all the CANDY!!!  It can also throw the bedtime routine off track and push bedtimes super late.  We of course want our little ones to still have fun and enjoy Halloween, but once trick or treating is done we want them to be able to get to bed easily and at a decent time.  Here are some tips for Halloween evening on October 31st, to help with keeping the kids well rested:

  1. Make sure your kiddos gets some good rest leading up to the big event.  Put them to bed a bit early the night before and make sure they get a good nap (or rest/quiet time if they do not nap anymore) the day of trick or treating.
  2. Talk to your kiddos before going trick or treating about what they can expect for the evening.  MAKE A PLAN AND STICK WITH IT.  Kids like to know what to expect and be given notice of how much time is left for things they are really enjoying.  Talk to them about the plan for the evening, how many houses, how long, or where they will be trick or treating.  For older children involve them in the plans and give them some choice within reason.  Stick to the plan you made, this will allow you as the parent to make sure bedtime doesn’t get pushed too late.  When it’s coming up to the end of trick or treating, warn your little one (“3 more houses then it’s time to go home”). 
  3. Be prepared to jump right into the bedtime routine as soon as you get home.  Prepare the room to be ready before you leave for trick or treating.  Shut the blinds, lay out the pjs, have the room ready to start the bedtime routine right away.
  4. Start trick or treating as early as you possibly can to avoid super late bedtimes.
  5. Shorten the bedtime routine.  Maybe skip the bath, cut down on the number of books or songs.  Expect your little ones to pull out all the stall tactics, but stay firm throughout the process.
  6. Get right back on track the next evening (November 1st).
  7. Parents, don’t forget to check your little ones’ bag of candy to make sure it’s safe for them to eat.  And once they have gone to bed, don’t hesitate to taste test some of the candy too!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!