We couldn’t have done this without Kim! For a couple of months my husband and I knew we needed help in teaching our son how to sleep independently, but didn’t know where to start. Working with Kim was the best decision we ever made and she helped change our lives for the better! Within only 2 short nights our little guy, and the both of us were sleeping through the night. We went from 4+ night wakings to zero!! Bedtime has always been a daily battle in our house—filled with tears and screaming every night. Now, I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but bedtime is a calm and happy event for us and our son truly looks forward to going to bed. This is a life we thought we would never have and we have Kim to thank. She takes the time to truly understand your family’s circumstances and made sure we felt comfortable throughout the whole process. She continuously cheered us on and reminded us of our why. I can’t thank Kim enough for holding my hand through this process and helping my family get the sleep we all need.

Chantelle- Windsor, Ontario

I can not thank Kim enough for her support and guidance through this sleep training process. My little girl went from requiring to be rocked for 25-30 minutes, to being able to be put down awake and fall asleep on her own. Kim was patient with my endless stream of text message questions, and always assured me that I was making the right decision for my baby. Thank you so much Kim. I will be recommending you to all of my friends!

Amanda- Ontario

It is difficult to put into words what Kim has done for our family. We were struggling, getting almost no sleep, unable to get onto a schedule, and trying to manage a baby that woke constantly throughout the night and fought us every nap time. I came to Kim as a very broken, discouraged mom who really second guessed her ability and knowledge and felt very lost. I know Kim deals with moms in every state and I cannot begin to thank her for her understanding, compassion, and lack of judgment. Kim was absolutely amazing since day 1. She clearly understood us and our needs, and personalized a schedule that worked not only for us, but our daughter. Within a day or two of implementing the plan, our daughter was sleeping through the night, napping wonderfully, and was so much happier during the day. As a mother who was diagnosed with postpartum depression, this was the best decision I could have given myself and my family. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have support, and to ask for help when you need it. Kim not only helped me, but my husband as well. He was having a tough time feeling like he was doing something wrong, because Ellie was fussy and he would have to trouble shoot what was wrong, because we did not have a schedule. He is now so much more confident, and has higher self esteem feeling like he can help Ellie more and knows what he is doing. This was the best thing we could have done for our family and even my mom (Grandma) is shocked and so impressed with the results.  I would recommend Kim and her services to ANY family, it is worth every penny and then more. We will always continue to use Kim as a resource in the future, without hesitation. We will always come to Kim with any future children or struggles, and I whole heartedly recommend Kim to anyone who asks on social media or in person for sleep help.

Jennifer- Ontario


Simply put, Kim is amazing. We used BabyZzz to sleep train our first son with wonderful success. When we started seeing similar patterns with our second, I reached out to Kim knowing I would need similar support & a boost of confidence to get our sleep back on track. Kim is professional, kind, & genuinely cares about the families she works with. She ensures your family is comfortable every step of way. After implementing the sleep plan with my second we saw a vast improvement just after the first night! Our sweet boy went from waking up every 30 minutes & only sleeping while nursing or being held, to sleeping 8+ hour stretches & having independent naps. We would highly recommend Kim to anyone!

Taylor- Ontario

Utilizing Kim’s services was one of the best gifts we gave ourselves.…. She helped get our 5 month old triplets sleep trained. After months of little to no sleep all babies are now sleeping 11-12 hours a night with two naps a day. The babies are now 8 months, and still sleeping well. Kim offered helpful tips that was unique to our situation. She was super knowledgeable, and supportive. Thank you so much!!!

Kim- Ontario

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire Kim….”

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire Kim to help us with sleep training.  My husband and I were hesitant to spend money on sleep training considering there is a wealth of advice and information available on the internet for free, but we were tired of finding contradicting information.  We were looking for a clear and personalized sleep plan, as well as support and encouragement throughout the process.  We went from having a baby that would take two or more tear-filled hours to put to bed, only to have her wake up 5-6 times a night, to a baby that now falls asleep in minutes and only wakes up 1-2 times a night for feedings.  We were at our wits end with sleep challenges, but now we feel like we’re getting our sanity back.  You really can’t put a price on sleep, it’s so worth getting help with sleep training!  Highly recommend BabyZzz.

Chanza, Sudbury, Ontario

“Kim is a person that actually really cares!”

Kim is simply amazing! My best friend recommended her and I have to say that she still exceeded my expectations. Kim is a person that actually really cares! She listened to me when I just needed to talk, she helped with little things I needed to figure out and as a result, I have a happy 10 month old who has been on a routine since 4.5 months and is now sleeping through the night. She has a gentle approach and she is also very calm and patient!

Anna, Ontario

 “Within ONE night my daughter was sleeping in 4-6 hr stretches.”

My 5 month at the time was waking every 45-50 mins after bedtime (7pm) until around 11:30pm, and then would wake every 1.5-2 hrs. This had been going on since around 3 months, but got much worse once we hit the 4 month mark. And with every wake I would go nurse her back to sleep. She was completely dependent on me to fall asleep.  Finally I had had enough, and hired Kim.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Within ONE night my daughter was sleeping in 4-6 hr stretches. And within one day my daughter was no longer “snacking” throughout the day, and actually taking full feeds.  Within a week her daytime naps had improved, and we were down to 2 feedings a night. Sometimes only 1!  It was a dream, literally and figuratively!  We are now nearing the end of week 2 and from bedtime (6pm) she’s doing anywhere from 8-10 hour for her first stretch.  It’s truly unbelievable.  Kim has been nothing but professional, respectful, patient and kind.  She is undoubtedly very knowledgeable in this field and is passionate about it.  Before commencing the sleep training I was thrilled to hear that Kim would be creating a personalized plan specifically tailored to my daughter and her needs. I had an idea of what needed to be done, but I needed a plan, a plan that I knew was suitable and achievable for my own baby. I needed to know that what I was doing was ok. Which is why her 7 days of unlimited texting support is just the icing on the cake with her already very reasonably priced package. Having her available (practically instantly) for troubleshoot support and coaching for a whole week made all the difference.  It’s been 2 weeks and I am actually beginning to remember what it’s like to get sleep again! And most importantly my daughter has gained the invaluable skill of putting herself to sleep/resettling, is linking her sleep cycles and is now getting actual restorative sleep ??  Thank you Kim!!!!!

Samantha, Lively, Ontario

“She was always available and went way above the allocated time to ensure best results…”

Dealing with Kim has been an absolute pleasure. She was always available and went way above the allocated time to ensure best results (which were definitely achieved). I ? recommend her services to a desperate mama looking for a good nights sleep.  Thank you Kim!

Liza, Ontario

“Within days of implementing the plan she prepared for us, he was back to sleeping through the night!”

Kim helped us tremendously with my toddlers sleep regression. Within days of implementing the plan she prepared for us, he was back to sleeping through the night! Kim was so supportive and encouraging throughout the process and extremely easy to talk to. Nothing beats the feeling of your family having a good nights rest! Thanks Kim

Sara, Maple, Ontario

“Her service is worth every penny!!”

Once we welcomed a new baby, we realized we needed help with getting our older child to sleep better.  Kim was so great making up a plan and helping us put it into action. We were nervous to start it but our daughter really took to the new bed time and she loves it.  I 100% recommend her and I look forward to working with her again soon for our little one.  Her service is worth every penny!!

Jessica, Newmarket, Ontario

“Kim has been totally amazing and very supportive. I felt like I could count on her to get the support I needed.”

Kim has been totally amazing and very supportive.  I felt like I could count on her to get the support I needed.  When I contacted Kim my son’s daily routine was a little off with his eating and times of his naps.  Kim helped me to get him on track with a schedule that would work and it did.  My son was also waking up 3-4 times a night and I was exhausted, but she helped to get him on a 1-2 feedings a night.  Unfortunately my son was sick for a good 2 months, but Kim was very flexible with me and put the training on hold until he got better.  Which was very helpful to me!  When he got better we jumped right back into the training.  I felt comfortable talking to Kim about my son even when I had to vent.  Thank you Kim for all your support and help with my son and the best part is that I know she’s not completely gone, when the training finished I was still able to reach out to her.  Thanks again Kim!

Lisa, Stouffville, Ontario  

“Kim was an absolute pleasure to work with & I would highly recommend her to anyone having challenges with their kids sleeping.”

On January 12th 2018 we began our sleep training journey with Kim for our 8.5 month old son. We had several sleep association challenges to tackle as well as napping and feeding schedules. Long story short our son is sleeping 12 consecutive hours a night and working hard to nail his naps! Kim was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone having challenges with their kids sleeping.

Tammy, Alliston, Ontario

“We saw almost immediate improvements!!!”

We reached out to Kim when my little guy who was 4 months at the time was waking every 45mins-2hours a night. Kim sent us our plan and we decided to put it into play. We saw almost immediate improvements!!  We had many ups and downs through our sleep training journey with Kim, however she was always there with a ear to listen, bounce ideas off and make great suggestions.  Our little guy has made great improvements to his sleep and we have Kim to thank for that!  I’d recommend her to all my fellow mamas that are looking to get a little more sleep!  Thanks Kim, I will miss our texts!! 

Julie, Barrie, Ontario


“I had read all the books and thought I knew what to do, yet for some reason I wasn’t able to put it into practice….”

I had read all the books and thought I knew what to do, yet for some reason I wasn’t able to put it into practice.  Our 20 month old was sleeping in our bed and my husband was becoming increasingly agitated about it.  Although I loved the snuggle time with my daughter, I knew that this situation could become a bigger problem down the road and decided to take action.  Enter Kim….. I spoke to her about my concerns, our sleep issues and what my expectations were.  She took the time to listen, clarify any questions, and provided us with a very clear, concise and personalized plan that I felt comfortable with.  I put her suggested method into practice and on NIGHT 2 my child slept through the night in her own room!!!!  My mind was blown.  We have since had a few instances of night wakings, but with Kim’s guidance, support and genuine concern for our family, I was able to tackle these events confidently and successfully.  We are all sleeping better and much happier and healthier for it!  I cannot say enough good things about my BabyZzz experience.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

Karen, Winnipeg, Manitoba


“Lack of sleep routine and irregular eating habits were leading us to moral and physical fatigue and stress….”

Kim has been key to helping us get our 4 Month old baby to better sleep and eat well.  We went through a very difficult time for the first 4 months of our son Kian’s life.  Lack of sleep routine and irregular eating habits were leading us to moral and physical fatigue and stress.  Here comes Kim…. With a friendly, warm approach to our situation, even from a distance, she was able to help us regulate his sleeping and eating habits and has been on our side throughout this process.  Our lives have drastically improved, we sleep better and longer, have less surprises and unknown situations to deal with.  While books and blogs help, we needed a single point of contact whom we trust to lead us to a successful path.  We are thankful for Kim for her patience, involvement and genuine care towards out situation and our son’s well being.  Thank you Kim!!!!!  

Sara, Kian & Nizar, Geneva, Switzerland


“Our 5 month old son started waking again every two hours during the night and refusing to nap….”

My husband and I were exhausted (not to mention confused!) when our 5 month old son started waking again every two hours during the night and refusing to nap.  We had been rocking him to sleep since he was born because he had severe reflux and needed extra comfort, but Jenn created a plan that took into account our feeding schedule and our sleep crutches and was just amazing!  I had read a few books and tried sleep training myself, but with no success.  Jenn created a plan that went beyond just nap and bedtimes.  It gave us a complete routine that resulted in a happier, well rested baby.  Which meant we were happier, more well rested parents!

Nerissa, Toronto, Ontario

I was getting no sleep and my daughter refused to sleep in her crib…”

Before I finally called Jenn for help,  I was breastfeeding my 6 month old every three hours throughout the day and night.  I was getting no sleep and my daughter refused to sleep in her crib.  I finally had enough and called Jenn.  It was the best decision my husband and I could have made.  Within two days my daughter was sleeping in her own room and slept 12hrs straight through the night.  This has not only helped my sanity but has made my daughter a happier baby because she was finally getting the sleep she needed.  If you’re stressed out and feel like there is nothing you can do to make things better… you’re wrong… there is Jenn!  She will help your family through it and she will be such a great support.  Because of your help, Jenn, we were able to not focus on being stressed but instead got to enjoy those special moments with our daughter.  THANK YOU!

Courtney, Bradford, Ontario

“I dreaded the evenings and hit a whole new level of sleep deprivation…”

From the beginning my son was not a great sleeper. I assumed that he just needed time to grow and things would get better. People would try to reassure me that everything would fall into place similar to my first child. That could not be further from the truth. My son’s sleep habits went from bad to worse. 

By the time my son was 5 months, I knew something had to be done. He only slept in my arms for naps, in which case I had to constantly provide movement with the “bum pat” in order for him to sleep. The nights were the worst. If I were to lay my son down asleep, he would only lay there for 15 minutes or wake instantly. I would then have to hold him in my arms, pat his bum and pace the room. I would lose count the number of times I had to do this in a night. I dreaded the evenings and hit a whole new level of sleep deprivation. Jenn was my saviour!!

Being emotionally drained and exhausted was an understatement, I contacted Jenn. From only our first conversation I felt as if there was going to be light in this really dark tunnel. I love how she took the time to learn about not only the problems I was having with my son’s sleep but also my goals and what works for my family before making his sleep plan. She was wonderful in taking into account that I also have a 4 year old daughter who I have to bring to and pick up from school daily. After our discussion over the phone I felt relieved and happy that there was someone out there who cared and was willing to help me. I felt very confident that Jenn is a professional in her field and is very knowledgeable. From the first night I was shocked and amazed! My son actually slept through the night and has been sleeping 12 hours a night ever since. He also naps 2 or 3 times a day, putting himself to sleep every time. Something I thought he would never do! It is like he is a whole new child, well rested and happy!

I absolutely loved the two week support with Jenn. It was so helpful to be able to update her daily about my son’s sleep and ask any questions that I had. She was very prompt and thorough with her responses, like she was right there with me helping me every step of the way. No matter how silly or how many questions I had (and I had many of them) she took the time to answer them all. I felt as if she wasn’t just doing a job, but genuinely cared about me and my family and wanted to help. Jenn truly gave me my life back. I now have the time to spend with my daughter again; having the time to put her to bed means the world to me. In addition, my husband and I have our time back together again too. I would highly recommend Jenn for any family that may be having sleep issues out there.

Words cannot express the appreciation I have. It was a pleasure working with you, Jenn. Thank you for everything!!

Annie, Newmarket, Ontario


We had no idea how good it could get! Within one week, our baby was sleeping…”

After some debate, my husband and I decided to pursue a Sleep Consultant for our 11 month old daughter. We thought she was a fair sleeper, but with my imminent return to work on our minds, the nighttime nursing was becoming increasingly fatiguing. We were also struggling with an unpredictable napping schedule. We were skeptical about the value of hiring a Sleep Consultant because we were uncertain if we’d have a successful outcome. After a short discussion with Jenn, I was motivated by her apparent confidence. Following our formal consultation, she provided us with easy-to-understand recommendations (although some counter-intuitive), a feasible plan for implementation and the support we needed to ensure follow through. We had no idea how good it could get! Within one week, our baby was sleeping 11-12 consecutive hours at night, and following a reasonably consistent napping routine. Jenn’s plan took away the “guess work”…we finally knew what to do and when to do it, and we’ve been rewarded with an outstanding response from our baby. Thanks to Jenn, we are all better rested and eager to take on the day!

Devon, Maple, Ontario

“I called you in tears, after two failed attempts at sleep training…”

When I think back to when I first called you in tears, after two failed attempts at sleep training, to now – getting a full night’s sleep and our son being able to nap at my mother in law’s house, this has drastically improved our quality of sleep and life!

Before calling you, our son was not only waking up multiple times a night, but he refused to nap without being rocked to sleep. Last week, I brought his blanket and monkey to my mother in law’s house, gave her our daily schedule and she put him down awake. He easily settled into his nap and slept for over 2 hours!  HE HAS NEVER NAPPED ANYWHERE without having to be rocked! EVER! this was a huge milestone for us. (Insert happy dance!)

Now I have so much more confidence with our son and his ability to self soothe. That was my biggest concern especially with daycare around the corner, and I feel much more at ease. Thank you so much for that!

I feel like you have equipped me with the knowledge to take things from here and I can’t thank you enough! 

Meaghan, Everett, Ontario


“Although my husband was skeptical, we both couldn’t be happier by the end result!”

Coming to Jenn for help was the best decision we’ve made!  I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner.  After 2 years of not sleeping, and my husband not wanting to get help from anyone outside of our home, I finally had enough of being exhausted and no longer gave him an option.  Although my daughter is older than most kids who get sleep trained, it worked so well and so quickly!  My husband and I were both shocked at how quickly it worked, by the 2nd day she was already sleeping through the night.  Jenn worked with us to see where we were at with her sleep habits, and figured out a plan that worked for us.  Although my husband was skeptical, we both couldn’t be happier by the end result.  We are happy and well rested, and are finally able to enjoy our lives as it should be.  Thank you Jenn! 

Jessica, Aurora, Ontario


“Jenn gave us the confidence to be consistent. The two weeks of ongoing support was absolutely critical to our success.”

People always comment on how happy and easy our son is and I always tell them the same thing: it’s because he sleeps! Oliver didn’t always sleep well though; it wasn’t until Jenn designed a custom sleep plan that suited both Oliver’s sleep habits and our parenting style. Within just a couple of nights, we went from waking every hour to waking only once in a night. By 5 months he even weaned himself from the midnight feeding. We were also able to remove his sleep props cold turkey in one night. 

There were so many conflicting theories out there, we were going insane trying to find the right method for us.  Knowing that Jenn is a professional gave us the confidence to be consistent. The two weeks of ongoing support was absolutely critical to our success. I recommend her to all my friends and family. We will definitely be contacting her again with out next child. 

Dona & Karl, Ontario


“We have gotten our sanity back and no longer dread bedtime!”

Jenn was amazing support and has helped us to transition and regulate our daughter’s sleep. We have an active child that hated falling asleep and was always tired. Jenn established a better schedule for the day and created a healthy sleep timeline that helped our child to be more rested and fall asleep without tears. Now even if a nap is missed she is happy to play in her crib and is in a much happier mood all day. We have gotten our sanity back and no longer dread bed time. Baby knows what’s expected of her and what she wants and is happy to go to her crib. Jenn was supportive, thoughtful and always available which helped with many many questions I had. She is top notch! 

Julie, Toronto, Ontario


“Jenn’s detailed plan and her daily follow up made it so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!”

At 5-1/2 months my son would only sleep if next to me and wake up to nurse up to ten times a night. He took 45-minute naps in the stroller, preceded by 15 minutes of rocking. Stressed out and sleep-deprived, I read four different books, each promising to be the only right approach to sleep-training. Finally, after several insistent recommendations, I met with Jenn. Although, sceptical, I was reassured by the fact that Jenn didn’t subscribe to one specific technique, but rather custom tailored a solution to each child’s needs.

Things improved almost immediately – nights were under control in a few days, a proper daytime schedule was set and in a few weeks, the naps lengthened. Jenn’s detailed plan and her daily follow up made it so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! 

Olga, Richmond Hill, Ontario


“Our son went from chronically overtired and grumpy to well-rested, super happy and smiley…”

From the time our second son was born, that first night in the hospital, I knew we had a problem sleeper on our hands. This was difficult for me as I had a very active toddler at home, who never had sleep issues. Our baby boy would wake almost every two hours at night, and sometimes he would take another two hours to fall back asleep. He would not nap. We were exhausted. I scoured website after website looking for the perfect sleep consultant that would help our son overcome his sleep difficulties and help our family get the rest we needed to be functional. I talked to about 4 consultants before I spoke to Jenn. I knew right away that she would be the right fit for our family. She was very prompt returning phone calls, emails and text. She didn’t have a one size fits all plan, but rather looked at our parenting style before presenting us with the plan. She said something that was very important: we will work to get it right and I won’t abandon you after 2 weeks. And she was true to her word. My son now has a great sleep schedule. He has 2 solid naps and sleeps 630pm-7am, 98% of the time. If he wakes, it is for a brief feeding and then back to sleep, which is pretty close to best case scenario. Our son went from chronically overtired and grumpy to well rested, super happy and smiley. I would not hesitate to recommend Jenn to any of my mom friends or parents who are struggling with child sleep issues. Thanks again Jenn! 

Jennifer, Mississauga, Ontario


“I really felt like I was working with a friend who cared to achieve the goals we wanted…”

As a first time parent, hiring Jenn has definitely been the best and most important decision we have made for our son and our family. Her extensive knowledge and very personal support has solved all our sleeping concerns and we now enjoy a very happy baby, a lot of free time in the evening while the baby sleeps, and restful nights.  I would highly recommend her services to any parent.A close friend of mine referred me to Jenn and I contacted her when my son was 4 months old to make sure we establish proper sleeping habits early on. My son was struggling with day time naps and after reading many books and endless time spent on the internet, the first conversation with Jenn instilled confidence in me that all our sleep problems will be resolved with her help. We followed her plan precisely and within just a few days saw dramatic improvements with our son’s sleep. Jenn’s level of support was absolutely tremendous and I really felt like I was working with a friend who cared to achieve the goals we wanted for our son. After a few weeks of Jenn’s guidance we achieved far beyond what we were hoping for and we could not be happier with our decision to work with her. 

Jana, Toronto, Ontario


“She genuinely wanted to help and offered every support she could…”

When I met Jenn, my quest for the Holy Grail of Sleep for my baby son and the rest of our family was already in its 4th month. It had already taken me through countless hours of online research, a myriad of failed “tried and tested solutions” offered by a visiting nurse, a child psychologist, friends and fellow mommies, and a couple of DIY attempts at sleep training. I was feeling physically and emotionally exhausted beyond compare. Instead of enjoying motherhood the way I had dreamed while pregnant, I was often finding myself resentful and at the end of my rope. Jenn was my last hope and the last thing I had resolved to try before announcing defeat and bracing for possibly years of insufficient and poor quality sleep.

My first impression of Jenn while speaking to her over phone (the 15 min. free phone consultation) was that she knows what she’s talking about and is genuinely interested in helping with our sleep challenge. I guess this was enough to win over my scepticism.

Fellow mommies, I’ll spare you a long read because if you’re as sleep deprived as I was before Jenn, I know you’d rather take a nap and so you should. Here’s in a nutshell what puts Jenn in a class of her own. She was comfortable and qualified to work with the whole gambit of sleep solutions out there, not just the quick and tearful CIO, like others do. The custom sleep training plan she prepared got truly customized during implementation based on how things were developing for my baby and me. She returned my phone calls very promptly and responded to my emails quickly even on the weekends. Jenn was a true friend and trooper who, when I had to roll with the punches, was right there beside me rolling with the punches herself and cheering me on. She genuinely wanted to help and offered every support she could so that the sleep training succeeds. And succeed it did! Thank you, Jenn!!! You are the real McCoy!

Boriana, Toronto, Ontario


“Wished we had called you sooner…”

Desperate for a change, my husband started a search for a sleep consultant. Within 3 minutes of his conversation with Jenn, he could tell she was incredibly knowledgeable, had plenty of personal experience (with three children, including twins!) and was very enjoyable to talk to. Hiring her was a no-brainer.

I personally started the process with some hesitations; I had read everything there is to read and thought I knew what I was doing – I clearly didn’t! Within just three days of working with Jenn, we achieved what we thought was impossible: our son who had previously woken up every 3 hours at night was sleeping through the night, only waking once for a feed. On day 6, Jenn helped us eliminate his last feed, and now he sleeps right through the night! Needless to say, Jenn was, in one word, amazing.

What we appreciated most about Jenn is that she explained everything very clearly along the way – the emotional and biological reasons behind all of our son’s sleeping habits. It became clear to us that there is a science to this process and it does work! Not only was Jenn our teacher, she was also our cheerleader! We woke up every morning, feeling optimistic and supported, knowing that Jenn was going to check on our progress from the previous night. She was always compassionate, patient and responded to questions promptly. We always felt her genuine desire to improve our son’s sleep and her unwavering support made the experience enjoyable.

Jenn, working with you was a true blessing….we only wished we had called you sooner. Thank you!

Maya and Shawn, Ancaster, Ontario


“Amazing – no more books – she did all the work for me!”

As a first time mother, I really had no idea what to expect with my little one’s sleeping habits/patterns. I found that when he reached 4.5 months I was rocking him to sleep every night and it was taking longer and longer as time went on. I knew that some other mother’s that I talked to were saying how great it was to be able to just, “put my baby in his/her crib and walk out of the room and they settled themselves to into a peaceful sleep!” I was reading all the books and I found myself overwhelmed at all of the ways and methods, people’s views, what to do and what not to do and I thought, “This is never going to work, where do I start?”

I talk to a friend that used a sleep consultant and she raved about her and that her little girl is sleeping like an angel – every nap and nighttime. I decided to look online for more info on sleep consultants and a few different ones. I called three and was sold on Jenn as she made me feel comfortable like I was talking to a very confident and educated friend. She took my son’s info and put together a plan that we were to follow. She was there for support every set of the way through phone calls, emails and texts. Amazing – no more books – she did all the work for me! Only 2 weeks later my son was falling asleep in the crib by himself! Yes, I have to go in once in awhile to soothe him but he’s a baby after all! And I don’t mind as I miss my little guy now that he is such an independent sleeper! I can honestly say that this was the best money I have ever spent on something – ever. I have my life back after 6:30 pm until 7 am. It’s wonderful and I owe it to Jenn and her pursuit of our (and our baby’s of course!) happiness and great sleep for us too!

Rachel, Toronto, Ontario


“We couldn’t even imagine what our vacation would have been like…”

I just wanted to give you an update on how amazingly things are going with the twins.  We got back 10 days ago from a week in the Dominican Republic where we had a room right next to a bar that blasted loud music and was surrounded by loud people from 10 in the morning until 8 at night.  And yet, every day, the twins slept beautifully for 90 minutes in the morning and 90 minutes in the afternoon, and went to bed without a fuss every night, no matter how bad the level of noise was and despite the fact that they were in a strange room in a strange place.  We couldn’t even imagine what our vacation would have been like without the sleep training!

Thanks again for your help – we both agree that was the best money we ever spent!

Chandra, Ottawa, Ontario


“Wake every hour to two hours at night and take 30-40 minute naps…”

I am a mother of two with a four year old son and a 7 month old daughter. My son was an awesome sleeper but my daughter was quite the opposite. At six months old she would continue to wake every hour to two hours at night and take 30-40 minute naps during the day or none at all! I tried a few difference sleep training techniques that proved unsuccessful for a variety of reasons. So, my husband and I needed some guidance! My daughter needed good, deep restful sleep and we just needed sleep! :-) I contacted Jenn and it was apparent from our first phone conversation that she could help us! She put together a great sleep training plan that was based on my daughter’s habits and our comfort level in terms of techniques. It was very personalized and professional. Jenn was always very quick to respond to emails and questions that we had. We never felt alone and it was motivating to continue with the plan since we had an expert’s support throughout the process. There has been huge progress with my daughter’s sleep. She can now fall asleep on her own and put herself back to sleep if she wakes up during the night. Her nap times have extended as well. A win-win situation! I would highly recommend this business to anyone out there struggling with sleep issues with their child. Jenn was awesome!

Cheryl, Ottawa, Ontario


“Four or five nighttime wakeups and short daytime naps…”

We have a little guy that slept so-so for his first few months. We chalked the four or five nighttime wakeups and short daytime naps to a child that didn’t need much sleep. He seemed happy so we took it as it came, hoping that it would continue to improve as he became more active and ate more. Around four months this changed drastically when he would wake to nurse every hour and a half with only one or two catnaps during the day. We felt that his body would dictate his needs, but after about five weeks of real sleep deprivation and spousal “shiftwork” we felt that this pattern was not sustainable.

We were hesitant to have an advisor especially with so many online “expert resources” and were concerned that she would suggest a plan that we did not feel was right for our child, but after wasting a whole lot of time and money on ineffective sleep gadgets, we decided to call. Jenn conducted a thorough interview which got her up to speed on my son’s habits, his growth, his first few months, and our family patterns. She provided a sleep plan which had a few different methods and was very supportive in helping us in the method with which we were comfortable. In speaking with her, I became confident that her recommendations came backed by quality literature, studies, and courses.

It got a bit worse before it got better as she had warned, but with her very accessible support the improvements came quickly. There were real changes in the first few days and within a week we had reached the goal that we had expressed to Jenn when we first contacted her.

Other than the obvious sleep improvements, I learned two lessons:
1. The help of a qualified individual cannot be replaced by books (which we tried) and internet searches (again, tried). When there is a snag in the system, only a person can provide feedback to tweak the plan and Jenn was always reachable to answer my questions.
2. When we became parents, we knew that we would be making decisions for our child that were not always popular with him but for his well-being. I did not expect infant sleep patterns to be one of these. I thought he would sleep as he needed, but since implementing the plan, he is clearly more alert and better rested. He needed loving guidance.

We are thrilled with her service, are quick to recommend her to our friends (local or otherwise since communication can be done by phone, skype, and email), and will not hesitate to contact her again if the need arises with future children. My husband and I agree that it has been the best purchase for our child since we found out we were pregnant. We now have the energy to give deserving care and attention not only to him, but to each other.

Heather, Mississauga, Ontario


“Rocking [our twins] to sleep for hours…”

My husband and I have 6 month old twins and were at the end of our rope trying to get them to sleep! Jenn gave us a wonderful and easy schedule to follow and explained every detail of it with me. She made sure that my husband and I were confident about what we had to do. After following her schedule, our twins were sleeping through the night and needing only one feed. We were no longer rocking them to sleep for hours. Jenn made herself available to us and always got back to us quickly. We got our life back with Jenn and could not have done it without her!

Jen, Ottawa, Ontario, Mother of twins


“Toddler twins waking up frequently and wanting to sleep in our bed…”

The great advice we received from BabyZzz helped us develop a night time sleeping routine that allows everyone in our family to get a good night’s sleep. My husband and I were so tired from lack of sleep at night, with our toddler twins waking up frequently and wanting to sleep in our bed. Jenn’s guidance and advice helped us break this habit and within a few weeks, the twins were sleeping the entire night in their bed. Thank you!

Joanne, Aurora, Ontario, Mother of twins


“It really helped set my husband and I up for success…”

I completed the BabyZzz prenatal program a few weeks before I gave birth and it really helped set my husband and I up for success. BabyZzz helped us understand the importance of starting good sleep habits early and enabled us to avoid many of the pitfalls that first time parents find themselves in. Our daughter is now 15 weeks and has been sleeping 12 hours a night since she was 10 weeks. Thanks BabyZzz!

Anna, Pickering, Ontario