Signs that it is Time to Transition from Two Naps to One

It’s morning naptime and your toddler just doesn’t want to nap.  He was such a great napper before but now he plays in his crib the entire time.  Sometimes he falls asleep but it’s affecting his afternoon nap.   Does this mean he’s ready to transition from two naps to one?
Not necessarily.  He may be going through a developmental milestone, like crawling or walking, which is affecting his sleep during the day.  […]

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How to keep your toddler from climbing out of the crib

Many parents are quick to transition their toddlers from crib to bed the minute their little one either attempts to or succeeds in climbing out of the crib.  But be warned that once your toddler is in a bed, there could be many more challenges.  Not only does a toddler bed mean more freedom but it also could mean many more bedtime battles.   If you don’t think either you or […]

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