I was recently quoted in an article on The Stir.

By Judy Dutton, October 15, 2014

Every toddler, sooner or later, stops taking naps … and this transition, while necessary and normal, can be a tough one for kids (and moms!) to muddle through. Late afternoon meltdowns ensue; frazzled parents wonder whether their overtired kid will make it until bedtime … or drift off at 5 p.m., which means they’ll be up all night. Yet in spite of the horror stories you’ve heard, there are ways to make a smooth adjustment to no-napdom. Try these expert-approved tips below to avoid a nightmare scenario.

1. Don’t transition to “no nap” too soon. “Many parents will eliminate the last nap because their child has been resisting it for a few days,” says Jenn Kelner, a certified child sleep consultant at BabyZzz. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ready to skip them completely: Sometimes children will skip a nap for a few days at a time, but then nap well on the other days. So keep these general guidelines in mind: 90 percent of children are still napping at age 3. By age 4, about 50 percent still nap at least 5 days a week.

2. Keep an eye out for signs your toddler is ready. “Watch for key signs that the child is ready to transition,” says Kelner. “If any of these things are occurring consistently for at least a week or two, then the child is probably ready”:

  • Your child is consistently having trouble falling asleep or doesn’t sleep at nap time.
  • Your child is consistently showing no signs of tiredness when he misses a nap.
  • Your child is consistently having trouble falling asleep at bedtime when they have had a nap that day.

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